Cramer Lewis


Canada's #1 Business and Relationship Turnaround Consultant for Entrepreneurs looking to exponentialize their income and their joy.


Is now the time to enjoy all your success without sacrificing the rest? 

What can I offer you?  

How can I support you in creating a business that ignites you,

and a love relationship that delights you?  


I stand for you having both. 


Why is this so important to me?  In my career, I have seen so many people destroy themselves, their relationships and their families in the pursuit of entrepreneurship.  This does not have to happen. 


With over 20 years of success inspiring individuals and teams to achieve true meaning, richness, and profitability in their lives, I have built a career supporting clients’ “genius”.


As an internationally-acclaimed best-selling author of three books, Host of Ask Audacious TV and the Audacious podcasts, I focus on asking bold questions that challenge beliefs, breach barriers, and open up possibilities.


My workshops, presentations, training sessions and seminars have helped hundreds of people, worldwide,  find transformational breakthroughs and empowerment, in life, in their businesses and in their intimate relationships.


I believe in the equation of 1+1=Infinite Possibilities.

All the people in your life should be adding to your future and adding to your life.  DO they?  Can they?  I wonder what we can accomplish together?


There are so many successful strategies available, I would love to share them with you and assist you in creating something truly delightful, no matter what kind of shitstorm is happening that brings you to my homepage. 


I got you, 




True success is living a life of purpose, on purpose. We all seek meaning – a life of substance and value – but often get side-tracked with habitual patterns, limiting beliefs and a sense of duty. Especially in our primary relationships. Change requires courage and confidence, and with the right tools and support, true success is attainable. Audacious. Irrefutable.


Mentoring is one of the most effective tools in supporting extraordinary lives filled with purpose. It is the powerful process of discovery, ingrained in personal empowerment. Through targeted conversations, evaluation of your unique life experiences, identification of your assets, and assessment of your values, mentoring unveils the comprehensive, and often subtle, factors that influence your choices and perspectives.


My #1 thing that I stand for is you having a life you are completely delighted by.  

My Story

Loss of confidence.





My personal journey has brought me to the edge – to places where I have questioned what life is all about, and what I have to offer.


As a Business Coach, Success Strategist and Relationship Mentor, I have spent a career developing tools to support CEOs build highly profitable businesses, but my personal experiences have enriched my practice, giving me an intimate understanding of the human tendency to get stuck in negative patterns that hold us back, especially with the ones we love.


As a respected and seasoned Coach and Facilitator, I have effectively assisted individuals achieve their greatest potential – building abundance, boosting self-confidence, improving relationships and achieving life balance.

    My Work

    My coaching approach is simple: identify your desires, and create multi-dimensional, real life strategies that get you into the flow and out of the muck – sustainably.


      Simplicity and systems – after decades of exploring development approaches and practices, I can offer ideal solutions that add elegance of delivery to your life and simplicity to your business deliverables. Tired of running in all directions at once?  I can assist you to change that quickly and accurately.   


      I am trained to teach you how to use your body and energetic field to its best advantage. 


      Yes, I am talking about Meridians, Chakras, Auras and all things Body Consiousness.  If this is too weird for you, we are not a fit. Best we know that ahead of time. 

      Why Clients, from Students to CEOs, Hire Me to Help Them Focus on Their Genius, Strategically Grow Their Business and Create A Successful Intimate Loving Relationship 

      My Experience

      • Global Business Coach with 20 Years Big Business Experience in Real Estate Sales , Mortgage Brokerage and Finance, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investment and Management.  

      • I have studied under, and obtained certifications from many transformational leaders/ programs over the last 10 years, and use some of their techniques in my coaching.  Including,  Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Access Consciousness, Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Sue Johnson, Greg Braedon, Vishchen Lakhiani, Michael Beckwith, Heart Math Institute, Human Design, Biofield Energy Therapy and more. 

      • International Speaker and Workshop Leader

      • International Best Selling Author "Relationships Done Easy", "Creating Business from Beyond This Reality" and "Possibilities in Parenting"

      • Creator of Audacious Ask TV and the Audacious Podcast

      • Unapologetically Pragmatically Fun Relationship Mentor.  If it's not fun and sustainable in your life, I won't recommend it.  

      My Client's Results

      • Doubling or tripling annual business revenues

      • Shorter work weeks with more frequent holidays due to leaner, more productive business and personal systems

      • Clear, confident lines of communication resulting in drastic improvements to relationships

      • Increased awareness of business or career opportunities

      • Deeper sense of meaning, direction and purpose in life and work

      • Ability to leverage resources and talents to create effective teams and work environments

      • A greater sense of joy, confidence, and ability to use life experiences to continually improve, grow and savor

      Although I chose to work with Jennifer on my own, the effect quickly translated across the company.


      Within a year of working under Jennifer’s guidance, I was able to become aware of the emotional and fear-based distractions that encumbered my ability to be a true leader within my firm and my industry.


      She led me to achieve focus and execute the elements of my role as VP Operations in an effective manner – and with clarity and empathy.

      What has been accomplished with my own work has brought endless positive affect to my company and my personal well-being, which I truly believe is available to other businesses who choose to work with Jennifer.

      Jennifer has taught me how to unlock my true potential and that of my company. Potentials and possibilities, I have only dreamed of and those I had not even thought of before.


      “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
      If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”


      – Dalai Lama

      Giving is reciprocal – we get what we give, and contributing to the community is one way of showing gratitude for the blessings I continue to receive. When we give, we grow, and growth should be a continual commitment to ourselves.


      A program supporting local children in need by providing school backpacks containing healthy, well-balanced meals for students.


      This non-profit society is actively raising funds to rebuild a school and support the community in the earthquake-torn Aprik Village, in Gorkha Nepal.